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CITI business case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

CITI business - Case Study Example Expanded rivalry for capital keeps on compelling banks to improve (Citibank, 2008). So as to separate its e-business items from those of its rivals, Citibank took a few measures(Citibank, 2008). To start with, the bank built up a procedure for its corporate financial division where its objective corporate customers included worldwide partnerships (MNCs), monetary establishments, government offices, nearby endeavors and SMEs. The bank comprehended that every one of these corporate customer classifications had exceptional requirements. The bank acknowledged to need to go the additional mile to bundle its items to meet the interesting needs of each client (Citibank, 2008). Citibank additionally separated itself and its items from those of its rivals through an improved, exhaustive client assistance. The client support incorporates phone hotlines, relationship chiefs who take as much time as necessary to grasp the individual customer’s needs and item consultants whose job is to prompt clients on the item or items that most suits its needs. At last, the bank keeps on putting intensely in innovation so as to advance both the front-and back-end electronic financial frameworks. Additionally, the bank looks to make itself progressively open to its clients through what is calls its bound together stage. The stage utilizes a cooperation approach that permits the bank to work with each capacity in the association of the customer (Citibank, 2008). Develop its worldwide reach: As at the hour of building up this procedure in 2008, Citibank had tasks in 100 nations of the world and utilized more than 268,000 individuals. This worldwide nearness, the bank accepts, places it in a solid situation to meet the worldwide needs of its clients. This being the situation, the bank should proceed with its worldwide development drive. Reinforce its image: The bank accepts that it has assembled a solid brand

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Engage in personal development in health, social care Essay

1.1 Describe the obligations and duties of own work job. I work with customers with Autism and additionally a learning handicap, inside a bolstered lodging setting. My present place of employment job is as a ‘care assistant’. I am answerable for offering help to the administration user’s, which incorporates: individual consideration, helping with feast readiness, helping with medicine, sorting out help client funds, helping with dinner arranging and looking after records. The fundamental reason for my work is to help and work close by customers in their own homes and in the network, helping those customers to access and participate in a full scope of network exercises. It is my obligation to empower customers to secure and rehearse regular living abilities, to assist utilize the network assets and offices and to help give the individual consideration and management required by singular customers. I got an enlistment instructional class when I originally joined the organization, which gave particular preparing identifying with the learning handicap segment. I get customary oversight with the house director where I can talk about any issues, and get support. I can likewise demand preparing, and my supervisor can feature territories where I would profit by further preparing in. I go to ordinary supplemental classes in preparing, so I am fully informed regarding the present principles required for my job. I approach all assistance clients with deference and pride, and my work rehearses reflect and advance equivalent chances. I have perused, and comprehend my Company’s strategies and methods, and am mindful of what to do by and large, and the right announcing/recording systems to follow. I generally work in an expert way, and guarantee all help client data is stayed up with the latest, and secret. The primary motivation behind my work is to help and work nearby customers in their own homes and in the network, helping those customers to access and partake in a full scope of network exercises. It is my obligation to empower customers to get and rehearse regular living aptitudes, to assist utilize the network assets and offices and to help give the individual consideration and management required by singular customers. 1.2 Explain assumptions regarding own work job as communicated in applicable gauges. My assumptions regarding my work job are equivalent to a vocation as they would beâ if I was a help client, I trust you should treat others how you would need to be dealt with yourself and I’d hope to be treated with poise and regard In any activity your will have principles that you should meet as written part of your set of working responsibilities. These are generally gone from least expected gauges to anticipated guidelines, to surpassing desires. There are administrative and legal prerequisites that are pertinent to explicit ventures which you should conform to for instance the GSCC (general social consideration committee) set of principles would be satisfied with OFSTED guidelines to give obligations to all representatives and businesses to agree to. I trust I am mindful of all principles that should be met in my activity job at some random time and I make intelligent practice a normal an aspect of my responsibilities, and would inquire as to whether I was ever uncertai n what gauges apply to your job. 2.1 Explain the significance of intelligent practice in consistently improving the nature of administration gave. Intelligent practice is significant method of gaining from encounters and improving administrations. These techniques can figure out what strategies function admirably and what doesn’t work well overall or not in the least. Just when great and poor practices are distinguished can a precise appraisal of execution be made. Zones of good practice can be based on and rehashed and any regions where the administration could be improved would be recognized and can be tended to with preparing, guidance and backing. 2.3 Describe how own qualities, conviction frameworks and encounters may influence working practice. I accept your experience and qualities are of highest significance particularly in this work setting, a normally careering individual experiencing a vocations work job can discover the experience fulfilling and regular anyway a person without these specific caring qualities could discover the job a ton of exertion and extremely requesting. Tragically I have picked up my experience as a vocation because of an individual from my family being mentally unbalanced, this anyway as ingrained in me a characteristic capacity to give all degrees of care from moving conduct to individual consideration. Taking a gander at this on a greater scale I can perceive how this industry could simply be a vocation to certain individuals and in this manner would possibly take a gander at certain obligations as ensembles as opposed to just helping that individual. What you decide as significant and what you see as adequate is a basic single-esteemed capacity of what your identity is. The manner by which you react to subjects or obligations is connected to what you trust in, what you consider significant and what intrigues you. You may discover you respond emphatically to individuals who share your qualities and less energetically to individuals who have various needs. At the point when you create companionships, it is normal to invest more energy with individuals who share your inclinations and qualities. Notwithstanding, the expert connections you create with individuals are another issue. As an expert, you are capable to give a similar nature of help for all. Working in the consideration area, you will undoubtedly run over individuals whose sees you don't concur with, and who never appear to comprehend your perspective. Consciousness of contrasts, your response to them and how they influence the manner in which you work is a pivotal piece of this job and your own proficient turn of events. On the off chance that you permit your own inclinations to rule your wor k with individuals, you will unavoidably neglect to perform to the norms of the Codes of Practice. Convictions can cause numerous issues in the consideration area, from evident reasons like the individual would acknowledge just male or female carers to strict convictions which can be hard to see yet is fundamental to get option to give great consideration. In the event that you were careering for a person of an alternate strict foundation their convictions would be of highest significance to them thus you should regard that, this could influence a vocation in various manners for instance this things wherein they talk about, the garments they wear and being to open with their own strict convictions could agitate the administration client. Individual encounters I think assume a significant job in a people wanted occupation job, for instance a youngster who invested a great deal of energy as a kid assisting their dad on a structure site would more than likely discover an expertise the individual in question preferred inside that industry as they have been acquainted with it since ear ly on. An individual encounter story I think responds to this inquiry very well is that of my sister who in a distraught frenzy a year ago through no decision of her own needed to convey our sisters infant and spare his life after he had quit relaxing. Infant and mother all doing admirably now my sister has quite recently begun a maternity care course as she depicts the experience as overpowering and supernatural, This could prompt an all day work for my sister all prodded on by an individual encounter. 4.1 Identify wellsprings of help for arranging and evaluating own turn of events. As an enormous level of my activity is homecare so my first wellspring of help would be the house supervisor then the guardians/group of the customer, and at times dependingâ on the individual’s limit and correspondence possibly the customer themselves. From these I can realize what has worked before and what techniques have been attempted. I can likewise recover the account of the customer to attempt to consider new strategies and exercises so as to help the client’s movement. The customer would likewise have a help plan in their own record where I can discover the majority of the data I need. On the off chance that I was working in a public venue I would initially peruse the customers record to attempt to assemble data to fuel my improvement so as to offer a superior support. In the event that I believed I required more or simply further improvement I could likewise address my seniors inside the public venue. The organization additionally hold progressively nitty gritty records and data that I can get to when I need so as to design or potentially survey improvement. We normally get management gatherings to examine any issues and to plan and audit advancement. Here I can request to be enlisted onto instructional classes I think would profit me and my customers.

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How Can Samples of Introduction for Essay Help You Become a Better Writer?

How Can Samples of Introduction for Essay Help You Become a Better Writer?Students often try to answer the question: How can samples of introduction for essay help you become a better writer? However, writing samples can be used in other ways. Here are some examples:For example, you may have several free samples of introduction for essay that you could take to school. Take them in front of your teacher. Make sure you remember their format. You can also use these samples as reference guides when you start writing your own essay.In this case, you may want to visit your local library and look through the professional reference books. These books will help you if you decide to enroll in an essay writing course. You can also take these books as a guide to writing and reviewing your own essay. You may even want to get some tips from this resource as well.There are also other resources that you can use to help with this purpose. Some websites offer writing samples of essay by writers. If yo u find a sample that interests you, you can easily locate the writer's name and contact information.You can also buy some samples of essay online and also browse through professional reference books. You may even find samples in magazine and newspaper articles. Your local library can be another source of these samples, and if you're lucky, they may even have some recent new ones.You can also turn to literary magazines and newspapers. Look for some samples of essay and write a short paper on the topics included in the samples. This is a great way to learn how to write an essay.A great place to look for samples of introduction for essay is online. There are many websites that offer writing samples. By using these samples, you will be able to find out more about what writing a perfect essay should look like.You may also want to do some research on essay writing. The internet is full of information about the topic, and it will help you develop your skills. If you have a little time, you can use these samples as a stepping stone in order to become a better writer.

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How Fluorescent Lights Affect You and Your Health

Fluorescent lights are a common light source in office buildings and shopping markets. With the advent of compact fluorescent lights, they are becoming commonplace in most homes as well. Fluorescent lights are less expensive to buy compared to how long they last (about 13 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs) and they are much less expensive to operate. They require a fraction of the energy that incandescent bulbs use. But they can have negative impacts on your health. The Problems There were hundreds of studies done during the late 20th century that showed causal links between elongated exposure to fluorescent lights and various negative effects. The foundation of most of these problems is the quality of light thats emitted. Some of the theories about negative effects or dangers stem from the fact that we evolved with the sun as our main source of light. It is only relatively recently, with the proliferation of electricity, that humankind has taken complete control of the night and interior spaces. Before that, most light came from the sun or a flame. Since flames dont give much light, humans usually awoke at sunrise and worked outdoors or, later in our history, by windows. With the light bulb, we had the ability to do more at night and to work in enclosed rooms without windows. When the fluorescent lights were invented, businesses had access to a cheap and durable light source and they adopted it. But fluorescent bulbs do not produce the same type of light as the sun gives us. The sun produces a full spectrum light: that is, a light that spans the entirety of the visual spectrum. In fact, the sun gives a lot more than the visual spectrum. Incandescent lights give off a full spectrum, but not as much as sunlight. Fluorescent lights give off a rather limited spectrum. A lot of human body chemistry is based on the day-night cycle, which is also known as the circadian rhythm. Theoretically, if you do not get sufficient exposure to sunlight, your circadian rhythm gets thrown off and that, in turn, throws off your hormones with some negative health impacts. Health Effects   There are a number of negative health effects that have been linked to working under fluorescent lights that are theorized to be caused by this disturbance to our circadian rhythms and the accompanying body chemistry mechanisms. These negative health effects may include: MigrainesEye strainProblems sleeping, due to melatonin suppressionSymptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder or depressionEndocrine disruption and poor immune systemsFemale hormonal/menstrual cycle disruptionIncreases in breast cancer rates and tumor formationStress/Anxiety, due to cortisol suppressionSexual development/maturation disruptionObesityAgoraphobia (anxiety disorder) Flickering The other main cause of problems with fluorescent lights is that they flicker. Fluorescent light bulbs contain a gas that gets excited and glows when electricity is passed through this. The electricity is not constant. It is controlled by an electric ballast that pulses on and off really quickly. To most people, the flicker is so fast that it looks like the light is on constantly. However, some people can perceive the flicker even if they cant consciously see it. This may cause: MigrainesHeadachesEye strainStress/Anxiety Additionally, fluorescent bulbs, especially cheaper bulbs, may have a green cast to them, making all the colors in your environment more drab and sickly looking. There is some theory that this, at the very least, affects mood. The Solutions If you are forced to work/live beneath fluorescent lights for extended periods of time each day there are a number of things you can do to combat the negative effects. The first is to get out in the sun more. Getting sun exposure, especially for stints in the morning, midday, and late afternoon, can help maintain your circadian rhythm. Putting in some windows, skylights, or solar tubes to bring sunlight into your interior environment can help as well. Short of bringing in sunlight itself, you can bring in a light source with a fuller spectrum. There are some full spectrum and daylight spectrum fluorescent lights on the market that have a better color temperature spread than regular fluorescent lights, so they do help, but they dont replace sunlight. Alternately, you can put a full spectrum light filter over your fluorescent bulb or light fixture lens that alters the light coming out of the fluorescent bulb and gives it a fuller spectrum. These tend to give off more Ultraviolet (UV) rays that may cause skin problems, prematurely age materials like plastic or leather, and cause photos to fade. Incandescent lights do a decent job of providing a good spectrum of light that most people respond to well. Another benefit of incandescent lights is that they are a constant light source that doesnt flicker. If you perceive the fluorescent flicker, having a single incandescent light bulb on in the room can be enough to cover the flicker and keep it from affecting you. These bulbs can also balance out any green tint given off by the fluorescent bulb. In some cases, phototherapy, or light box therapy, can counteract lack of sunlight exposure. This is a common treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder and it uses an incredibly bright light for a limited amount of time to help keep your body chemistry regulated. Optometrists have long prescribed glasses with a very light rose-colored tint on them to counteract the effects of working under fluorescent lights, especially in women who are experiencing hormonal problems. Finally, flicker problems can be improved by using fluorescent light fixtures that use electronic ballasts as opposed to magnetic ones.

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The Global Financial Crisis Of 2007 / 08 - 1194 Words

Introduction Australia’s economy is one of the largest economies in the world, with a nominal GDP of over 2 trillion dollars. The Australian government has to deal with multiple issues in the macroeconomic world to achieve three goals. The factors affecting these goals have to be identified and either harnessed or blocked by the government. The Global Financial Crisis of 2007/08 also caused the Australian government to deal with its failure to reach its macroeconomic goals. The three domestic objectives of government Australia’s three macroeconomic goals are equally important in keeping stability in the economy. The three goals are low unemployment, price stability and economic growth. The government aims to reach full employment which is 5% unemployment as not all of the population wishes to be employed for reasons such as looking after elders and raising children. The aim for price stability is to keep the inflation rate at 2-3% per annum, to avoid hyperinflation or the crashing of the economy, but to also keep with the rate of economic growth. Economic growth is targeted to be at 3-4% per annum, and must remain stable to be compatible with the price stability and unemployment rate. The current attainment of domestic objectives Australia’s current unemployment rate is at 6.3% , which is 1.3% above the target goal. This figure is affected by various factors. Due to mining plants running out of resources, some jobs have been cut and exports have been decreasedShow MoreRelatedGlobal Financial Crisis Of 2007-082494 Words   |  10 PagesIntroduction The global financial crisis of 2008-09 that spread contagiously across the globe has particularly hit the European economies hard, accentuating turmoil in the world financial markets and precipitating the European sovereign debt crisis almost instantaneously. This has consequently wiped away all of the EU’s accomplishments in economic growth and job creation (European Commission, 2010a:3). Statistics published subsequently exposed the magnitude of the crisis: real GDP contracted byRead MoreThe Global Financial Crisis Of The Usa1383 Words   |  6 PagesThe recent global financial turmoil started on July 2007 ,mainly in the USA and spread among developed nations in the later part of 2008 and subsequently shifted to the developing nations .this crisis consisted of some prime drawbacks not only for the developed countries but also for developing countries .the most talked about issue in the recent financial arena in the global financial crisis ,which started to show its effect in the middle of the year 2007.the turmoil ,however ,was rooted in theRead MoreDeregulation Is The Underlying Cause Of The 2007 / 08 Financial Crisis1382 Words   |  6 Pagesderivatives. The Financial crisis in 2007-2008 brought the massive hurt to everyone in the world. The worldwide financial problem affected thirty million people loosing their jobs and cause many countries getting close to go bankrupt (Peah, 2014). This is the global issue that everyone should be consider of. The purpose of this essay is to determine if the deregulation was the underlying cause of the 2007/08 financial crisis. The essay argues the deregulation was the underlying cause of the 2007/08 financialRead MoreFinancial Crisis : The Fiscal Crisis1355 Words   |  6 Pagesgeneral, a financial crisis is not an accident; it may take several years and has complex and interlaced causes (Claessens and Kodres, 2014). The 2007-08 global financial crisis is a typical case due to long-term non-intervention policy and loose regulation for financial market from government. Moreover, it involved the complex relationship between government and financial institutions. In order to look at this issue in particular, this essay first goes though the timeline of the 2007-08 financial crisisRead MoreThe Great Recession And The Housing Crisis1600 Words   |  7 Pagesrecession of 2007 -2008 and the Housing bubble and the latter talks about the newspapers articles and other opinions of economists which support the idea of approaching bubble. These reflect the conditions in those specific areas related to them or demonstrate the housing behavior in overall United States. THE GREAT RECESSION The financial crisis that began in August 2007 has been the most severe of the post-World War II era and, possibly--once one takes into account the global scope of the crisis, its broadRead MoreThe Deregulation Of Domestic Financial Sector1288 Words   |  6 PagesToday, it is considered to be a common knowledge, that the deregulation of domestic financial sector and opening of capital account of the balance of payments played a major role in the recent economic crisis of 2007-08. Policies, that have been stated above can be put together and named as the liberalization of the capital account. Liberalization stands for lessening of government regulations and restrictions in the economy. It offers a certain sector of the economy an opportunity to compete internationallyRead MoreFinancial Crisis And Its Effects On The World Economy1467 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract Between the years of 2007 to 2008, the world was faced with a major financial meltdown with global market failures and economies in shambles. The emergence of subprime mortgages and the collapse of securitized derivatives led to much speculation of different causes. What was the root factor that led to the triggering of this financial crisis? This research conducts a comparative analysis of my research and beliefs on the cause of the crisis contrary to other researchers’ conclusions. ItRead MoreRole Of Investment And Commercial Banks Play On The Global Economy Essay1185 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction: This paper will examine the roles that investment and commercial banks play in creating and predicting systemic risk in the global economy. This topic is of particular relevance due to the events that unfolded in the economic sphere nearly a decade ago during the financial crisis of 2007-2008. Our study will provide a detailed rendering of the crisis, outlining each of the key factors that contributed to the crash in an attempt to gain a better understanding of what happened and how toRead MoreHow Banks Went Broke : A Look Into The Financial Crisis Of 2007-20081696 Words   |  7 Pages Lawrence Humes 4/28/15 Mr. Donnellan Period 1 How Banks Went Broke: A Look into the Financial Crisis of 2007-2008 Nobody foresaw what was about to happen to the economy. In the beginning of the 21st Century the economy was at a state of peace and unity. People were taking loans and purchasing houses that they normally couldn’t afford while these houses were increasing in value. The banks were giving out loans to the people to purchase the houses and earning money on the interest ofRead MoreIntroduction Of The Bank Of England986 Words   |  4 Pagesfascinating for one to track on how the global financial integration has been evolving for the past century. Understanding the evolution of output is possible by looking at the measured stocks of the external assets and liabilities; together with the cumulative consequences of the past cross-border capital flows. Global integration of trade and finance started prior to the World War I, at the time when the capital liberalization was last at their peak. Both global integration of trade and finance fell

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Beowulf, The Warriors, And Their Belief System - 926 Words

Beowulf is an epic poem that has been handed down orally for centuries, but was finally written down in the eighth century. It is the story of an epic hero, named Beowulf, who travels with his men, the Geats, to conquer the many beasts who terrorize the lands of the Danes. The scops describe Beowulf as â€Å"greater and stronger than anyone anywhere in this world†(110-111). This example shows one of many qualities that make Beowulf the epic hero that he is. He uses his strength to demonstrate both the dedication and bravery needed to bring peace and justice to the people who have been terrorized for such a long time. Cultural elements exemplified in Beowulf occur in the aspects of the mead hall, the warriors, and their belief system. The first element occurs in the description of the mead hall. Right before Beowulf’s epic battle with the beast, Grendel, who has taken over many of the Dane’s possessions and has killed hundreds of men, we glimpse what life is like for the Danes when they were able to live in peace. The scops say the mead hall is â€Å"gold shining†(239) and has â€Å"beautiful walls; shaped and fastened with iron inside and out, artfully worked†(295-297) and is filled with the â€Å"harp’s rejoicing call and the poets clear songs†(4-5). Through this description, we can imagine that the Danes are a powerful and bold people. They are powerful by being able to build and retain a mead hall adorned with gold; they are bold because their mead hall is always filled with the joyousShow MoreRelatedThe Power of Faith in the Poem, Beuwulf1425 Words   |  6 Pagesby proof then one can attribute it to devotion and divine intervention. Did Beowulf achieve his victories because of his warrior skills, or because of that divide intervention? In the poem, Beowulf, this idea is brought up throughout when Beowulf is successful in his battles. According to the epic poem, it is God’s intervention that helped Beowulf. In other words, Christianity is interrelated with other ideological systems in the text such as chivalry and paganism. Furthermore, it is also indicatedRead MoreThe Religious Principles Of Beowulf1236 Words   |  5 PagesSyncretism is defined as the combination of different beliefs or practices. This term is an important topic within Beowulf, since the poem has obviously united two religious principles. Beowulf is dedicated to expressing and explaining the Germanic heroic code, but there are specific moments when Christianity and paganism over laps. Though Paganism focuses on victory, honor, and masculinity the author manages to add the act of forgiving your enemies, the significance of the monsters within the poemRead MoreThe Heroic Significance of Christ in The Dream of the Rood Essay978 Words   |  4 Pagestraditional Anglo Saxon beliefs of heroism with the image of Christ on the cross allows the poet of The Dream of the Rood to effectively communicate the benefits of Christianity to pagan warriors. By comparing characteristics, duties, and treatment of heroes in Beowulf and the Battle of Maldon to the depiction of Christ in The Dream of the Rood, it becomes evident that the image of Christ is altered to mirror that of heroic warriors. Through this melding of heroic beliefs and Christianity, the poetRead MoreBeowulf Is The Oldest Recorded Poem1328 Words   |  6 PagesThe epic poem, Beowulf, is the oldest recorded poem in English and at 3200 lines long, comprises roughly ten percent of the surviving poetry in Old English. Although written in this language, Beowulf focuses on the feats of the poem’s namesake Beowulf, a Geatish prince, and the invading Germanic tribes in Denmark. Understood early on in the poem, these tribes have a lengthy and powerful warrior culture; a culture heavily influenced by heroic virtues, blood vengeance, and paganism. Along with theseRead MoreThe Role Of Government In Beowulf And King Arthurs Society1629 Wo rds   |  7 Pages Although the role of the government found in Beowulf and in King Arthurs societies had basically the same functions (to protect the people from invasion and provide safety and order within the community), each government was set up with some drastically different ideologies. The ideologies that perhaps governed the formation of each government were defined easily by the time periods in which each work was written. Both governments describe leaders (Kings) who are honorable and kind to their peopleRead MoreBeowulf Battle Comparison1293 Words   |  6 PagesHonors 9-21-17 Beowulf Battle Comparison In his three major battles, Beowulf fights for many different reasons. His motivation varies, and as he grows older and wiser his attitude toward these battles also changes. Throughout the epic, Beowulf bradoshously beats Grendel, then more methodically murders Grendel’s mother, and with his last breathes humbly hollers for help to slay the dragon. This shows that Beowulf’s early focuses of glory and riches changes as he becomes a weathered warrior acknowledgesRead MoreThe Importance Of Heroism In Beowulf1073 Words   |  5 PagesBeowulf is a classic, epic story which theme focuses on good versus evil, â€Å"Beowulf is essentially a heathen poem† (Bodek) said F.A Blackburn because it consists of elements drawn from Anglo-Saxons culture before they were converted to Christians. It is tidily divided into three parts; The battle with Grendel, The battle with Grendel’s mother and the battle with the Dragon. The poem deals with Germanic forebears, the Danes, the Geats and the Swedes. This story features a super-strong warrior BeowulfRead MoreCanterbury Tales And Beowulf Essay1373 Words   |  6 PagesThe stories of Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales are two that have been compared for centuries. Based in two different time periods, both novels describe religion, loyalty, and distinguish social classes through characters. In the novel Beowulf, the character Beowulf is known as the â€Å"hero of all heroes,† strong, courageous, and a warrior who is willing to risk his life for his ideals. In The Canterbury Tales, there are twenty-four tales describing characters from a knight to a monk’s tale. As theRead MoreThe Merging of Cultures in Beowulf 1410 Words   |  6 Pagesstory of Beowulf represents the merging of two cultural belief systems: paganism and Christianity. Historically, the Anglo-Saxon culture was based upon pagan practices- idolatry, worship of many Gods and a specific warrior’s code of conduct. Beowulf was born of this culture as a legend passed down through centuries by oral tradition until shortly after their conversion to Christianity. It was finally preserved in written form by an obviously Christian author in an attempt to unify the two belief systemsRead MoreKeeping Briton’s Religious Origins Alive through Ancient Literature1129 Words   |  5 Pages Furthermore, the persistence of these religious genres is evidenced in ancient literature such as Beowulf, The Myth of Arthur’s Return, or Diedru and the Exile of the Sons of Uisliu, as they retained remnants of origins of the Britons’ religious beliefs. In Beowulf, King Hrothgar, the ruler of Danes, is troubled by the rampages of a demon named Grendel. Fortunately, a young Geat warrior, Beowulf, travels from his own kingdom across the seas, to Heorot Hall offering his assistance with the pest

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The Cliff free essay sample

My town sleeps on the mountains. Not the treacherous peaks of the Rockies, but the ancient rippling spine of the Appalachians, sometimes cloaked by pale cerulean clouds and sometimes revealing a blended palette of forest green, burgundy, and crimson trees. Looking up, or across, or sideways, I always glimpsed a circle of lilac slopes protecting the blue vinyl houses and crackly lawns of Johnson City, Tennessee. I grew up in this sheltered town, cradled by ancient heights, where the clerks at Kroger greeted you by name, and where your history teacher lived next door and watered her poinsettias each evening at half past eight. At night, I didn’t jerk awake to glaring city lights or frantic ambulance sirens, but to a definite hush which sprinkled the town like drizzling rain. Each morning I walked to school from my flat-faced, red brick house. That was routine—each day the same English, science, history courses, each day the same cafeteria with the same turquoise trays, and the same clocks in each room, which were behind for half the year because the school never bothered changing them after daylight savings time. We will write a custom essay sample on The Cliff or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It was after the last bell rang that my fantasies gushed out, carrying me to exquisite palaces and scorching deserts, to perilous slopes and freezing wastelands. Above the school—or rather, behind and above the school—was a soccer field, and what I liked to call a cliff. A steep face of imposing gray rock. To reach the cliff required two treacherous expeditions: one from the back of the school, over a fence, up a grassy slope, and onto the soccer field, and the second from across the soccer field to a labored climb up the steep rock face. I never dared to venture all the way up the cliff, but made a home in a small flat clearing, more than well equipped with ornate thrones carved from rocks, and plush beds of grass. When I wanted to flee from my parents’ belligerent voices, shattering each other over and over in endless battle, I grabbed my Jansport backpack and ran out the back door to my cliff. Perching on a smooth pile of rocks, my throne, I would look over the small flat town and the continuous curve of the Appalachians. Here I was at peace, I could sit cross-legged and draw without covering my ears to drown out my parents’ screams, I could sleepily gaze at the sunset and feel the sprinkling of stardust, while fantastic beings from other worlds came to pay their respects. Eventually the cliff acquired a blanket, carefully folded into a rock hollow, pages of writings and art, buried underground and marked with arcane symbols in the dirt, and even a plastic tarp, for when it rained. My palace was complete, and my kingdom as beautiful as ever, for it was now summer. And of course, we moved. Moved from beautiful Tennessee to cold and flat Iowa, where every morning I trudged through a foot of snow to the tiny school, carrying my bagged lunch in one hand and a rented violin in the other. But two years laterwhen we moved yet another time to Georgiawe visited my beloved town. I expected a quaint, lovely small mountain town, the wonderful place I left. Instead, a silent, desolate expanse of failing shops and empty street corners greeted us. As we drove up to my old neighborhood, I eagerly peeked out the window, searching for that sharp slab of slanted rock. I saw the school, traced my eyes over the soccer field, and over a small rise of rock, and over a steeper rise, and to the road and houses above, and above that more trees†¦did they cut it down? My mom points out the window, â€Å"Look, remember that’s where you used to play?† She was pointing to the tiny slope. We drove closer; my parents parked the car to visit the school. I walk slowly, steadily up not-so-steep hills to my clearing. I sat on my rock and tried to grasp some of that enchantment which so inspired me before, but all I could find were fading memories. My palace had fallen to reality, the fantasies unwound. Sometimes when we return to childhood corners we feel silly and alien, too big to believe in the sparkling world we made for ourselves. My childhood was protected by gentle mountains and fluffy clouds, where every challenge seemed like an adventure and every misfortune a heartbreak. In hindsight these fancies seem ludicrous, but the inspiration we draw from them stays with us. Though I was too sophisticated—so I thought—for my palace, it was still on that small â€Å"cliff† that I felt completely at peace. I sat there for a long time.